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Astrodome redevelopment boondoggles cost could be $1 billion+

RELIANT PARK officials unveiled their options for revamping the Astrodome space, and one plan could cost taxpayers nearly a billion dollars according to the
Chronicle’s Chris Moran. The most ambitious proposal, he reports, “would require public approval of as much as $900 million in taxpayer financing. Not only would the architects of such a plan not seek voter approval until at least 2012, but they likely would approach the public in phases for piecemeal approval to tackle the costs incrementally.”

The least expensive option — demolition and the construction of a park — would cost an estimated $88 million (likely inflated).

That seems like a relative bargain compared to the other madness. Demolish the thing before the upkeep costs us any more millions.

UPDATE: Edgar Colon points out to Marc Campos that the rehab of the Astrodome itself is not the sole driver of the billion dollar + price tag of one option. That price tag apparently includes a spending orgy on other dubious projects as well (but thanks for the clarification — clarity in terms of the madness of local “leaders” and their delusional spending preferences is always appreciated).

Note from Lester Langdon – When I was a teenager (31 years ago) I remember that it originally cost $37 million to build the Astrodome.

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