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“The Video Book of Mold” from the Real Estate Research Center

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The Video Book of Mold

As must see, if you suspect Mold

Mold Returns

By Randy Birdwell (1/10/2003)

An old nemesis has returned to Texas. Mold. Hurricane Ike sent us into the Real Estate Center’s classic video vault to dust off ‘The Video Book of Mold’. Produced in 2002, this video has proven to be as timeless as mold itself. We hope those cleaning up the mess left by hurricane Ike find it useful. (90 min. 44 sec.)


And if you really have allery problems you can get more details solutions by watching more videos with more complete info at


It is internet training

Dr Mani Skaria. a plant pathologist at Texas A & M University kingsville has been teaching graduate course on Mold, Plants, Building and Human health for many years through the internet to graduate students in many parts of Texas.

Dr. Skaria is releasing six new courses, nation- wide as continuing education courses(CEU).


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