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Tower with Zeppelin like Elevators for Taiwan

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The third largest city in Taiwan, Taichung, will soon have a landmark building that looks like no structure ever built. The “Floating Observatories,” designed by a team from Romania-based Dorin Stefan Birou Arhitectura (DSBA), Upgrade.Studio and Mihai Cracium, is a 1,000-foot tower with large leaf-shaped observatories that float up and down the exterior of the building. Each observatory, which will be made from strong, lightweight material, will be able to carry 80 people at a time.

The tower design won first prize in the Taiwan Tower Conceptual International Competition, which was held to celebrate the centenary of the founding of Taiwan.

he building will feature several energy-efficient features. For example, the central tower will serve as a kind of chimney that keeps air flowing to provide natural ventilation. Wind turbines and solar cells will generate electricity and a rainwater collection system will harvest and purify rain. A geothermal power plant in the basement will provide low-cost energy for heating water as well as keeping the building warm in the winter.

Credit: DSBA

from Discovery News .com

Special note from Lester Langdon :  I am not going up in that building.  It reminds me of  the Hindenberg Zeppelin.  After they build it, You go.

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