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You can’t go back in time.

Hopefully we learn from our past. We can enjoy our triumphs and our disappointments.  Men have phases in their lives as they mature.

Boyhood and wonderment

Warrior and hunter

Statesman and diplomat


Here is the first of several videos of myself as warrior. I was proud to train with some of the best fighters in world during the 1970s. It made me a better person.

“Glory is Fleeting”  by General Patton

Here is a two minute video.

The minor lip wound I took was not a big deal, I could not feel it,  but it looks bad at the end of the video.

The tall chief referee was Ed Daniels, a 5th degree black belt at six feet and 7 inches weighing 300 pounds

The short muscled referee at the end of the video was Demetrius Havanas, maybe the best fighter I ever met. I saw him perform miracles. At the U. S. Championships in Dallas, his first fight lasted 5 seconds. His FIRST technique was a jumping turning back mule kick with his heal and hit the guy square in the nose and knocked him out.   The accuracy could have hit an insect on the wall.  They called a medic who called a stretcher.

I have seen some really cool fights with unexpected non-traditional techniques that you would expect in the movies.

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