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How to choose an agent?

Thank you for asking questions. We will answer all of them.

We reveal issues that are NOT Obvious.

There are often unusual or unexpected problems.

What are the underlying main issues?

You should ask revealing questions and find the true answers.

Who, What, Where, When and How ??

We know what to do and we enjoy helping people.

Together, We should first ask primary questions

Firstly…..What questions should a prospective buyer ask about the property?

Then later, after your questions have been answered,

Secondly, you should ask …. “What standards and criteria should I use to engage the services of an agent and broker?”

How will you choose your agent?

Usually, clients hire agents that they know, like and trust.

They learn to trust the honesty of the agent and also trust that the agent is competent in the principles of real estate and hopefully is an expert in this specific niche or type of property.

You will learn this by listening to …… How your questions are answered and by listening to the questions from the agent.

Later, your agent will questions to other parties, when you are not present, therefore the agent needs the experience to know the important questions to ask about the property …… preferably before issues arise.

You may not be present when your agent asks the questions to other parties.

Most importantly, your agent should ask about your goals, objectives and expectations.

We pick our friends and business associations by listening.

How will you choose your agent?

After 20 real estate years, I have been baptized by fire and have navigated the land mines.

I have killed snakes and put out grass fires

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  1. May 25, 2011 at 2:45 am

    Great job Lester, love the video blog concept.

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