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know about self re-keying technologies now available

The video above outlines how new Smart Key technologies work as offered by Kwikset, Weiser and others. These locks have the highest security ratings currently available in home locks and we suspect homeowners and landlords will switch over time, not just for peace of mind but for effectiveness in business.

When homeowners are nervous about a new home and who may have copies of the keys, or are nervous because they have a lot of help, they can get Smart Key locks and rekey their own locks every single day if they want to.

 Saving time, money, and face

If a multifamily location has 1,200 units and a monthly move-out ratio is 10%, maintenance has to manually re-key 120 units each month, and if they race to the unit, change the locks and get back to their office, you’re looking at 20 minutes. Multiply that 20 minutes by 120 units and you’ve lost 40 hours of labor as opposed to 15 seconds per lock that management can do on their final walk through, losing literally no time.

Also, if a lock in the MLS box doesn’t work and you see the little slot by the key hole as featured in the video, you’ll be the smarty pants who knows exactly why the key doesn’t work and instead of being frustrated, you’ll know what to tell the listing agent- their client rekeyed themselves.

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