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5 Medical Office Space Considerations

Physicians and practice administrators will determine their space needs when they move into a new building, whether they will be adding a member or ancillary service.  We find that medical practices often negotiate space considerations right around lease renewal time.

medical billing Top 10 Factors For Doctors Looking for Medical Office Space

These practitioners realize that an effective medical office design can reduce real estate costs, improve patient care, and boost staff performance, as well as morale. 

Because there is no simple equation, no medical office boilerplate floor plan, the healthcare professionals should consider adding an architect or space planner to the team.  Seeing that there are more than 30 specialties, in addition to primary care, there is no single set of standards that physicians can apply to calculate their spacial needs.

More recently, medical offices have taken the tough economic environment as an opportunity to streamline business operations, and are becoming more efficient by using their space more wisely and reduce square footage.

But as precaution, beware inexperienced commercial architects or designers, who have taken the tough economic environment to open up their services to the medical office sector.  By avoiding the mishap, you will save on medical development costs, confusion, among other things. Unfortunately, physicians who make poor space decisions can be stuck with them for several years. They end up spending a sizable amount of money for space they don’t really need.

That said, there are several factors that all physicians, regardless of specialty, should consider when consulting medical office real estate team to determine their space needs.

Here are a few of the main considerations for physicians when contemplating space modifications or new space design…

HIPAA impact

Expansion Needs

Space Redundancy

Ancillary Services

Records – EMRs

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