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Houston growing faster than any other city

Houston has added more people during the last decade than any of the nation’s other 366 metropolitan areas, according to the analysis of the 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census released Tuesday by Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

Although New York, Los Angeles and Chicago continue to top the nation’s most populous cities, Houston grew by 1.23 million people in that 10-year period, more than any other U.S. city.

Houston’s growth alone represents more people than those who live in Buffalo, New Orleans and the combined population of the country’s 14 smallest metropolitan areas.

Growth in the Dallas-Fort Worth area was close behind that of Houston. DFW’s total fell short of the Bayou City by 21,000 people.

Michael Emerson, co-director of the Kinder Institute, said in a statement that the concentration of population growth in the South and Southwest regions has intensified. Of the 15 metropolitan areas that added the most people, only New York, at No. 7, and Seattle, at No. 15, are outside the South or Southwest. Atlanta, the ninth largest U.S. metro, was the only other city to grow by more than 1 million people during the 2000 through 2010 decade.

Overall growth in Houston is based largely on the influx of immigrants moving directly into the southern and southwestern areas, Emerson said.

“This is the secret of Houston’s phenomenal growth over the past decade. It comes not primarily from relocating or retiring Americans but from first-generation immigrants and from their children born in Houston,” he said.

Here’s a look at the Top 20 fastest growing U.S. metros, ranked by population added between 2000-2010:

• Houston 1,231,393

• Dallas-Fort Worth 1,210,229

• Atlanta 1,020,879

• Riverside, Calif. 970,030

• Phoenix 941,011

• Washington, D.C. 785,987

• Las Vegas 575,504

• New York 574,107

• Miami 557,071

• Orlando, Fla. 489,850

• Austin 466,526

• Los Angeles 463,210

• San Antonio 430,805

• Charlotte, N.C. 427,590

• Seattle 395,931

• Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fla. 387,246

• Denver 364,242

• Chicago 362,789

• Sacramento, Calif. 352,270

• Raleigh/Cary, N.C. 333,419

Houston Business Journal – by Deon Daugherty, Reporter

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