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Rent Payment .com

RentPayment is the largest electronic payments processor in the multifamily industry, serving thousands of property management companies representing over 3 million apartment units.

 Trusted with billions of dollars in annual transactions, RentPayment is the preferred partner to thousands of property management companies nationwide.

Our integrated payment solution empowers properties to decrease vacancy rates and allow managers to focus on their core duties.

RentPayment offers a complete platform for properties to accept credit/debit cards and electronic checks, as well as convert paper checks to electronic payments.

 RentPayment is much more than simply a technology provider.

 RentPayment provides a human touch through hiring friendly people in Customer Service, delivering hands-on training, and continuously marketing electronic payments to renters.

RentPayment.com has an agreement with MoneyGram to allow residents to pay rent in cash. “All of the management teams that we’ve talked to are interested it that because they’re [tired of] getting cash,” says Bill Evick, the company’s vice president of sales. “Because of the economy a lot more people are paying in cash.”

RentPayment.com partnered with MoneyGram to offer a cash payment service at Walmart and CVS around the country. Residents get a card with a unique identifier, present the card, and pay their rent for a service charge of $3.50. Typically, it costs $9 or $10 to do this, according to Evick.

 “They can pay anything in the resident ledger on the management software,” he says.

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