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The 7 Best-Looking High Schools in Houston

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching, and for seniors it means they’ll never have to step inside their high schools again if they don’t want to.

Most high schools, especially ones built fairly recently, are generic and blah.

But Houston has some that can make you appreciate their architecture.

Here are seven.


7. Lamar
Definitely one of the most distinctive schools in town, this art deco beauty has a huge map of Texas engraved on its wall. (And if it’s technically not art deco, we don’t want to hear about it.)

 Its big moment in the sun — starring in the Bill Murray classic Rushmore — was somewhat dimmed because the River Oaks building was ghetto’d up to look like a dilapidated inner-city school.



6. Reagan High
A co-worker says this looks just like Rydell High in Grease, but we have so far managed to live our life without seeing that movie. (Or Grease 2, for what it’s worth.)

 The palm trees, or whatever they are, make a nice addition.



5. Wheatley High
High schools don’t have to be classic to shine. The geometric playfulness of Wheatley gives it a distinctive look.



4. Milby High
Then again, there’s nothing wrong with the classics.



3. St. Thomas High
An appropriately churchy feel to the entrance relieves the somewhat banal industrial feel of the wings.



2. Yates High
Some would call this generic, but we like the proud `60s style.



1. Austin High
Another in the classic mode, with an entrance that just says “high school.” And we don’t mean the gate.

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