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ResidentGifts Expands Offering to Commercial Market

ResidentGifts LLC, developers of the multifamily industry’s leading automated, fully integrated points-based incentives platform, today announces the expansion of its flagship offering, ResidentGifts, to the commercial space through a new engagement with CBRE Global Investors, an independently operated affiliate of CBRE Group, Inc. ResidentGifts will be deployed as “5-Star Worldwide Rewards” at two CBRE Global Investors properties – Orange City Square in Orange, Calif., and Ten West at Westmoor in Westminster, Colo.

ResidentGifts Expands Offering to Commercial Market

“Although the commercial market is different from that of multifamily, ultimately the overall concept remains the same – incentivize and reward participants for certain activities,” said Gerry Wiatrowski, co-founder and chief marketing officer for ResidentsGifts, LLC. “The unmatched flexibility of the ResidentGifts platform allows us to set up the system to meet the needs of any customer and help them build loyalty among residents or, in this case, tenants. CBRE Global Investors’ implementation of the program is a prime example of that, and we are thrilled to spearhead this marketing initiative for them.”

CBRE Global Investors is assessing two variations of the 5-Star Worldwide Rewards program to determine the most appropriate use of the platform for their tenants. At both properties, points can be earned for such activities as attending monthly tenant board meetings, participating in property surveys, referring a new tenant, utilizing property amenities such as the conference center, caterer, etc. Participants can also earn points for engaging in the property’s social media and philanthropic activities.

“We are always looking for new ways to provide value to our tenants and the 5-Star Worldwide Rewards offering gives us yet another way to do just that,” explains Ming Lee, principal for CBRE Global Investors Strategic Partners. “The average lease in a commercial property is five years, so this program allows you to really build a greater sense of community or stickiness to a project.”

ResidentGifts utilizes a dollar-for-dollar, points-based rewards platform to incentivize certain activities. It is the only platform of its kind providing savings to a community or company while increasing value to customers and enhancing the consumer experience. By replacing standard incentives such as free rent, a gift card or gift baskets, ResidentGifts provides the ability to earn points which can be redeemed for promotional codes from its partner merchants. These codes can then be used by the consumer to purchase what they want or need, creating greater satisfaction.

Founded in 2009 by former senior executives from the multifamily industry and launched in 2011, ResidentGifts LLC offers the industry’s only automated, fully integrated resident loyalty platforms. Its flagship platforms, ResidentGifts, a points-based resident rewards program and JustForMyApartment.com (click here), an e-commerce site, provide multifamily owner/operators with unique revenue stream generators with no out of pocket costs.

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