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Why Use “Realty Consultants” to Buy a property?

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

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Buyers can receive a cash rebate. We give you our commission minus consulting fees.

Prevent the conflicts of interest caused by the traditional commission model.

Don’t overpay.

With a traditional commission-paid real estate salesperson (even under a buyer representation agreement)  be aware of potential conflicts of interest that can occur under the traditional commission model.

A traditional commission-paid agent gets paid only when a transaction is closed,  so the economic incentive is to make sure a deal, any deal,  even if it’s not the best deal for you.

If you choose for us to be paid for each task instead of a commission, potential conflicts of interest are eliminated.   We faithfully represent the interests of ONE PERSON: you, our client.

This is similar to fee-for-service of a lawyer,  accountant,  yard landscaper,  clothing tailor,  plumber,  barber,  veterinarian, roofer,  and electrician.

Don’t overpay – pay only for the service provided.   When you hire a buyer’s agent in a traditional commission model, the fee is determined by the final sales price in a transaction, not the amount of work – so with traditional brokers you pay the same fee regardless of how much time was spent by the agent.

For example, take a $500,000 property where the traditional buyer’s agent gets 3% commission.    If it took 50 hours of effort to close that transaction, then you paid that traditional brokerage $300 per hour for its services.    If the process only took 10 hours of solid effort from the agent, you just paid $1500 an hour!

You pay only for the work we do. If we provide fewer services on your project, you will be charged for that service.   It’s simple and you can see everything that we do to help you buy.

Don’t worry about paying more

You can’t pay more.   Our engagement letter will define a reasonable scope of work for a full lifecycle project.  Many of our services are for tasks needed before or after a transaction.

Commercial and Residential Properties

For Buyers, we offer assistance ranging from

comprehensive property search,   pricing analysis,   drafting and negotiating offers,   facilitating the financing process,   advisory on contingency terms,   and managing the closing and settlement process,   including review of title insurance commitment.

F I R S T S T E P – D ET E R M I N I N G Y O U R N E E D S


F I R S T S T E P – click here or phone 281 236 8189 to get a “Needs Analysis Checklist ” by email

Your first step is to privately complete a “Needs Analysis Checklist“.   Then together we review your needs to determina the help that you want and to define our scope wor work.   Then we sign a Task Based engagement agreement which defines our relationship and scope of work, depending on which choice of fee pricing you choose.

Buyer “Rebate” Option –  Buyer gets a rebate from our commissions.  We give you our commissions (paid by seller), which help you pay   closing costs,   such as points to pay down your loan payments,   appraisal fee,   survey and title company costs,   property insurance, etc.    Any overage may be used to reduce the property purchase price.   We give you our commission, less any outstand consulting fees.

The rebate is subject to consent of represented parties.

We require a small start up retainer deposit to engage and begin our help.   

Our minimum consulting fee due at deal closing is $ 4,000. (collected from our commissions which we give to you.)   This includes ten accompanies hours of tour for property shopping.  Additional hours are $75.

Rebate Terms and Conditions

Buyer Option ” Hourly Help”  – if you choose tasked billed by hours worked, at a rate agreed upon and performed by your licensed consultant.   Many administrative tasks can be handled by support staff which are billed at a much lower rate.

Buyer Option ” Special Project” – for a specific project, we can establish a pre-determined set fee.

This is on a case – by – case basis.   First you privately review our “Needs Analysis Checklist”.   Then we sit down with you prior to our relationship and explain what services will be performed and approximate work time for each.

You may want us, your consultant, to be at the property during the Buyer’s licensed inspection.   Buyers may want a Market Analysis of the target property.   You may want help with site selection for a commercial building location.   We want to understand your personal or business goals and will maximize that help for you.

See how buying a property with “Realty Consultants” compares to buyer with other traditional real estate brokers:


You will be outrageously pleased and will want to help your friends, family and business associates, by introducing them to us.


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