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Why Sellers Want Our Help.

Commercial and Residential

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Eliminate the risk of overpaying.

Pay only for help provided. When you hire an agent in a traditional commission model, the fee is determined by the final sales price in a transaction, not the amount of work – so you pay the same high traditional % fee, no matter how much time was spent by the agent.

Assume your propery sells for 500,000 and your listing broker and the buyer’s broker each get a 3% commission. Let’s say your listing agent took 50 solid hours of effort to close that transaction; that would mean you paid your listing broker $300 per hour for services. If the process took only 15 hours of solid effort, then you paid $1,000 per hour.

Your will pay less with our fee – for – help model. Our task based engagement letter will define a reasonable scope of work that we can both agree on, and our fees for that “scope of work” will be capped a a pre-determined specific amount. You will pay less using “Realty Consultants” than you wil with a traditional commission paid sales person.

Remove conflicts of interest.

Under the traditional commissions – based model, potential conflicts of interest may occur. A commission – paid agent gets paid only when a transaction is closed. The economic incentive is to make any deal, even if it is not in the best interest of the client.

Do you and your agent agree on the listing price ?

Was sufficient research conducted on market comparables prior to setting the listing price?

Were all avenues of pricing structures explored to maximize your transaction value ?

If you do not choose a traditional commission, these conflicts of interest are eleminated. We faithfully represent your interests, our client, in the same way that a fee for service lawyer or accountant does.

Sellers owning commercial real estate shoud require consultants that specialize in commercial transactins or leasing. The consultant should have experience with income producing properties.

Sellers wanting to sell residential homes should work with consultants knowledgable of single family homes, townhomes and condos.

Determine Your Needs.

F I R S T S T E P – click here or phone 281 236 8189 to get a ” Needs Analysis Checklist ” by email

Your privately complete a “ Needs Analysis Checklist “, then we together review your needs to determine the help that you want and to define our scope of work. Then we sign a task based engagement letter which defines our relationship and “scope of work”, depending on which choice of pricing you choose.

Seller Option “Monthly Retainer” – to save money – monthly consulting retainer “fee – for – help” consulting is a good option for sellers to save month and hire a consultant. You can terminate before the first day of each month. The monthly consulting retainer fee is one fifth of one percent ( 1/5 of 1% ) of the property ask price. Your total fee is capped. and total fees are never higher than the traditional commission option.

 The monthly consultng retainer fee is due on the first day of each month. You can switch anytime to a Seller Traditional Option, and get credit for the fees already paid.

Seller Option ” Shared Risk “ – the fee would be half ( 50%) of the normal Traditional Option which is used by most brokerage companies. Average size properties may incurr charges 1.5% (one and one half percent) of the final sales price, which would be payable upon closing and funding. We would discuss your specific needs after your privately completed the ” Seller Needs Analysis Checklist “. You may not need all help services. Our minimum fee at closing is $4,000.

If you request extra help, we offer a menu of extra ” a la carte ” help.

We have a small start up deposit which is used to pay for help fees.

Seller Option ” Hourly Help “ – If you choose services billed by the hours worked, at a rate agreed upon and performed by your licensed consultant. Many administrative tasks can be handled by a member support staff which are billed at a much lower rate.

Seller Option ” Special Project “For a specific project, we can establish a pre-determined set fee. This is on a case – by – case basis. First, you review our ” Needs Analysis Checklist “. Then we sit down with you prior to our relationship and discuss what help your want. We also agree what tasks will be performed and approximate work time for each.

Some sellers already have a prospective buyer and want “Realty Consultants ” to mediate the price and terms of the contract. Some advisors suggest that the seller should not be at the property during the buyer’s licensed inspection. You may want our help with site selection for a commercial business location. We understand your personal goals and will maximize that service for you.

Seller Option ” Traditional “ – The traditional commission method may be preferred, which we offer to you at normal negotiated % rates, which would not be paid by the seller until final sale closing and funding.

The $ 1,995 Bargain. Or Is It ?

One minute video

See how selling a property with ” Realty Consultants ” compares to selling a property with other traditional real estate brokers for a $500,000 sales price.

You will be outrageously pleased and will want to help your friends, family and business associates by introducing them to us.

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