From Our CEO

Message from the CEO

CEO = Chief Evangelist Officer.

Our world is a substantially different plance than it was 50 years ago. Virtually every industry has evolved its business model to meet rapidly changing technologies, consumer behavior, and new market dynamics. In contrast, the industry of buying and selling real estate has remainded relatively static, dominated by large brokerages of independent contractors paid by seller commission.

A new fresh approach that differs greatly from traditional real estate brokerages. We offer several client centered and task based packages with flexible consulting compensation packages

The traditional commission fee structure can be detrimental to you, the consumer, by creating unnecessary conflicts of interest between client and sales agent. When real estate sales agents are compensated solely on contingency by commission from a completed transaction, the focus can shift from doing what is best for the client toward “closing the deal”. With the rise of new web-based information sources, the information advantage of the traditional broker is rapidly eroding. Real estate should be more about service and individuality – – not access.

We believe.

We believe, the real estate industry should operate no differently than law or accounting firms: clients should dictate the services provided and their fees should correlate directly to the amount and value of services received. We were founded on an approach to realty that emphasizes transparency and accountability.

Clients interested in commercial real estate should require consultants that specialize in commercial transactions. The consultant should have experience with income producing properties.

Clients wanting to buy or sell residential homes should work with consultants knowledgable of single family homes, townhomes, condos, and new home construction.

Our primary tenant is integrity. We care deeply about our corporate and personal reputation, so we would not do anything to jeopardize either.

Second, our employees and agents are compensated based on customer satisfaction. At the end of each client engagement, we ask our clients to fill out a confidential survey. Our employees and agents are incentivized to form strong, long lasting, loyal relationships with clients. Our agents get a bonus paycheck only if their clients are satisfied.

Third, because we maintain close contact with our clients during the course of the engagement, you have every right to question whether work outside of the agree upon scope is being done, to confirm whether something will be billed, to request a change in scope, and to define what your want or do not want us to do.

Finally, we ask our clients to take a leap of faith to trust that we will do what is right and just. Our company would not have survived if our practice was to overcharge our clients.

Many people need our help and do not know it, however, we only want business with people who believe what we believe,

to challenge the status quo and believe in thinking differently.

You will be outrageously pleased and will want to help your friends, family and business associates by introducing them to us.

Our mission is to become the revised standard in a changing industry for quality, professional, reliable and consistent service in real estate consulting while providing this help at a fair value.

To help us change the industry ….

F I R S T S T E P – click here or phone 281 236 8189 to get a ” Needs Analysis Checklist ” by email.


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